Again, please be at liberty to recommend additions to this compendium that future college students and scholars might discover useful. So, I’ll start with two straight-ahead definitions from the Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries after which bring in the definitions from varied historians and critics. I determine the simplest thing to do is to only record the definitions by creator.

  • This is the American English definition of technology.View British English definition of technology.
  • For you to pick out one of the best technological solution, you’ll need to compare the design solutions relating to economic, market, technical, production, and environmental standards to find out the best solution to that specific downside.
  • Therefore, you possibly can expect regular raises and a aggressive salary in lots of industries hiring for IT positions.

“In our case, the rationale for our classification as a tech firm is simple. We produce technology, it’s our product/service, and the main focus of our experience. One 1999 research known as ‘A Rose.com by some other name’ illustrated how, through the dotcom bubble of 1997 – 2001, companies adding the dotcom suffix to the tip of their name skilled a temporary surge of their stock price. The company did not need …