By theoretically analyzing the mathematic model, the convergence of the attitude and gyro bias to the true values is confirmed. The proposed technique offers a good attitude estimation utilizing solely measurements from an IMU, when different sensors such as magnetometers and GPS are unreliable. The efficiency of the proposed methodology is illustrated under realistic robotic motions and the results reveal an improvement within the accuracy of the angle estimation. In the electrical discharge plasma course of, numerous chemical and physical processes can take part within the elimination of contaminants. In this paper, the chemical and physical processes that occur on account of the electrical discharge plasma are reviewed, and their potential roles in the degradation of contaminants are mentioned.

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The outcomes on this work contribute to the optimization of plasma reactivity and the establishment of a molecule response dynamics mannequin. The use of atmospheric rotating gliding arc plasma is proposed as a facile, scalable and catalyst-free strategy to synthesizing hydrogen and graphene sheets from coalbed methane . Nevertheless, the essential properties of RGA plasma and its role in CH4 conversion are scarcely talked about. In the present work, a 3D RGA model, with a detailed nonequilibrium CH4/Ar plasma chemistry, is …