Program officers and managers in federal funding agencies devise analysis programs primarily based on their understanding and information of rising developments in science and technology. Their motivation is to fund promising new ideas and research for the benefit of our nation and to promote innovation. For instance, federal dollars invested in the improvement of new medicine save lives and create new jobs.

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Homes and workplaces have to be designed to enhance the ability of their occupants to efficiently complete their tasks on the highest ranges. Although nothing at present prevents science-focused bureaus and companies in several departments from communicating and collaborating, the location of a government group in the bigger construction impacts its mission and vision, assets and effectiveness. Recent improvement of structure-preserving geometric particle-in-cell algorithms for Vlasov-Maxwell techniques is summarized. With the arrival of a hundred petaflop and exaflop computing power, it’s now attainable to carry out direct simulations of multi-scale plasma dynamics based mostly on first-rules. However, normal algorithms presently adopted by the plasma physics group do not possess the long-term accuracy and fidelity required for these giant-scale simulations.

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Based on a sandwich-like construction, a microhollow cathode discharge device is designed, and …