Defining Technology

For almost a century, the OED left this definition principally unchanged. The 1919 definition was already dated by the Nineteen Fifties, when a new definition of technology as applied science grew to become usually accepted by dictionaries of American English. But when the OED’s editors fully revised the entry for the web third edition in 2009, they solely confused the already muddled meanings of technology. This second definition, technology as the sensible or industrial arts, had only emerged within the early 20th century, although the OED incorrectly attributed this utilization to the 1850s. The OED was the first dictionary to reflect this new meaning, in contrast to the time period’s unique which means as a treatise or description of the sensible arts.

definition of technology

The heart is hosting a automotive wash on Saturday at the heart from 3 p.m. Proceeds will go toward repurchasing technology and safety tools. In 2012, the American Civil Liberties Union requested for, and obtained, thousands of documents from native and state police departments associated to how this technology is used across the country.

Translations For Technology

The body of knowledge, know-how, and art of giving a form to something. Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps right now …