Being a homeowner is one of the most exciting things you can do. You get to say you own a piece of property and come home every day knowing that it’s yours and you can do whatever you want with it.  Unfortunately, not everything that comes with owning a home is great!  These are five lesser-known things about being a homeowner that everyone should know before getting into the market.  

Joining Your HOA is a Time Commitment

Although HOAs often get a bad reputation because of the amount of money they charge every month or year to ensure that property costs stay high, they’re also a time commitment.  Many HOAs need homeowners to attend at least one meeting a year, if not one meeting every month, and also have other gatherings besides this.  Although these gatherings can be fun when they’re Christmas parties or block parties, it can start to feel like you’ve joined a PTA for your home.

You Have to Pay Attention to What’s Touching Your Roof

A major thing in Halton real estate that people are learning to look out for is any trees or greenery touching a roof.  If a branch can contact your roof, creatures like squirrels, bats, or birds will see it as an easy access point to get in.  These animals can wreak havoc on an attic, rotting wood and leaving fecal matter that can cause the space to be unhygienic and dangerous. So trim back any trees or branches that come in contact with your home. 

There’s No End to Repairs or Corrections

When you own your home, there’s never an end to the repairs, fixes, or updates that you’ll have to do.  One day it may be that your dishwasher has stopped working, and another, you may realize that your exterior needs to be power washed.  Although every problem can be inexpensive on its own, when added up, the average homeowner spends a couple of thousand dollars every year just trying to keep up with these.  

Lawn Care Doesn’t Stop at Mowing

Many buyers will look at a small yard when shopping for homes and be happy that it doesn’t need much mowing, but mowing isn’t what makes a yard look perfect.  To ensure your lawn is as good as the others in your area, you have to edge the lawn and weed-wack and trim back any vegetation or bushes.  On top of this, many regions water their properties, and you often have to have them treated for insects or other pests.

Taxes can be Incredibly Expensive

Taxes every year are expensive when it comes to buying a home.  Some homeowners can fold this expense into their loans, ensuring it’s paid off bit by bit every month instead of all at once, but the average homeowner has to drop between one to three thousand dollars every year on property taxes.  This can be a big hit to take, especially if you bought your home at the top of your budget and don’t have extra money to spare.