5 Lesser-Known Things About Being a Homeowner

Being a homeowner is one of the most exciting things you can do. You get to say you own a piece of property and come home every day knowing that it’s yours and you can do whatever you want with it.  Unfortunately, not everything that comes with owning a home is great!  These are five lesser-known things about being a homeowner that everyone should know before getting into the market.  

Joining Your HOA is a Time Commitment

Although HOAs often get a bad reputation because of the amount of money they charge every month or year to ensure that property costs stay high, they’re also a time commitment.  Many HOAs need homeowners to attend at least one meeting a year, if not one meeting every month, and also have other gatherings besides this.  Although these gatherings can be fun when they’re Christmas parties or block parties, it can start to feel like you’ve joined a PTA for your home.

You Have to Pay Attention to What’s Touching Your Roof

A major thing in Halton real estate that people are learning to look out for is any trees or greenery touching a roof.  If a branch can contact your roof, creatures …